Our office is situated on Birger Jarlsgatan 41A in central Stockholm. If you need help finding you way here, please check the map down to your right. On this page you’ll also find contact details and short presentations of all the people working here. If you are a member of the press, please contact our press officer Jesper Lövkvist at or +46 707 69 97 46. For all other questions please mail us at

Utopia Arkitekter AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 41A
111 45 Stockholm
+46 8 120 315 80


Mattias Litström Mattias Litström Founder / Creative Director
070-771 19 87

Mattias Litström is our creative director and founded the company together with Emma Jonsteg in 2008. He has a degree from The Royal Academy of Technology in Stockholm and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Mattias has been working as an architect since the year 2000 focusing mainly on city planning and residential houses.

Jesper Lövkvist Jesper Lövkvist Communication & PR
070-769 97 46

Jesper Lövkvist is a communications expert with a background in journalism, advertising and PR, working for some of Sweden’s most renowned agencies and media outlets. At Utopia he handles external communication and manages concept development.

Alexandra Mohlin Alexandra Mohlin Arkitekt och personalansvarig
072-005 76 94

Jonas Hällgren Jonas Hällgren Building Engineer
070-575 03 61

Jonas Hällgren is a building engineer with a degree from Nackademins yrkeshögskola. Since he graduated in 2002, he has been working at different consulting firms and architectural offices, especially with the design of major projects within office and commerce. Before coming to us at Utopia was Jonas working at Sweco Architects. At Utopia, is Jonas Hällgren responsible for developing our work within quality and environmental issues.

Helena Hemminger Helena Hemminger Architect
073-345 16 62

Helena Hemminger is an architect with an art education and a degree from KTH in Stockholm. Since graduating, she has both run her own office as well as been employed as a design manager and leader for Tengbom Architects competition team during eight years. At Utopia, Helena Hemminger is working design in early stages and is responsible for our competitions.

Johan Bejne Johan Bejne Architect
070-788 40 25

Johan Bejne graduated from the Royal Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen in 2001. He previously worked at Tage Lyneborg Arkitekter in Copenhagen and at Wester+Elsner Arkitekter in Stockholm. Since 2006, Johan has worked as project manager with focus on early design stages and concept development.

Anna-Lena Ekman Anna-Lena Ekman Architect
070-021 02 20

Anna-Lena Ekman is an architect with an master’s degree from LTH in Sweden and has experience from working on different offices both in London and Stockholm, including LDS, John McAslan + Partners, Tengbom and latest CF Möller. At Utopia she works as a project manager with focus on early stages and competitions for urban planning and housing.

Daniel Medlöv Daniel Medlöv Building Engineer
070-559 61 11

Daniel Medlöv has a bachelor's degree in structural engineering and design with a focus on architecture for building engineers from the Royal Institute of Technology. His thesis was a design proposal for the so called Miljonprogram focusing on function and energy reduction. Daniel has also worked as a carpenter.

Göran Cars Göran Cars Project developer
070-438 43 01

Göran Cars holds the title as professor of Urban and Regional Studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has a vast experience from heading up large scale urban planning projects in Malmö, Norrköping and Uppsala. But his main claim to fame is his work managing the move of the entire Swedish city of Kiruna. At Utopia Arkitekter Göran Cars is the head of project development.

Hanne Stolt Hanne Stolt Building Engineer
070-918 47 86

Hanne Stolt has a bachelor's degree in structural engineering and design with focus on architecture for civil engineers at the Royal Institute of Technology. She has a clear focus on sustainability and for her thesis project she developed a concept for how recycling can be integrated in urban environments, and a proposal for a community recycling station in Rinkeby town.

Johan Andersson Johan Andersson Architect
070-722 94 05

Johan Andersson studied at the School of Architecture in Lund, as well as at TU Delft in the Netherlands. He previously worked at Jais Arkitekter in Helsingborg and the UNStudio in Amsterdam. Johan also trained in V-ray and architectural visualisation in Venice. At Utopia, he works mainly with sketches, competitions and early design stages.

Jonna Idsäter Jonna Idsäter Arkitekt
073-384 01 30

Josefine von Bahr Josefine von Bahr Byggnadsingenjör
073-785 88 80

Klara Franke Klara Franke Byggnadsingenjör
076-556 31 48

Klara Franke är byggnadsingenjör med en kandidatexamen i byggteknik och design med inriktning arkitektur för byggingenjörer från KTH. Innan hon hamnade på KTH därefter Utopia läste hon dessutom en gymnasieutbildning med inriktning på arkitektur och design.

Pedram Seddighzadeh Pedram Seddighzadeh Architect
072-839 10 86

Pedram Seddighzadeh is an architect educated at Chalmers Tekniska Högskola in Gothenburg and TU Delft in the Netherlands. He has previously worked at Foster + Partners in London, the research studio of 3XN in Copenhagen and the department of digital design at White Architects. Pedram has also worked as a supervisor and been responsible for workshops in digital modeling and manufacturing, both at Chalmers and the Architectural Association in London.

Pontus Suchowiak Pontus Suchowiak Arkitekt
073-656 91 43

Simon Ståhl Simon Ståhl Building Engineer
070-230 63 15

Simon Ståhl is a structural engineer with solid experience in complex and technically challenging projects. He has a master's degree from the School of Engineering in Jönköping and has previously worked at Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder, among others. Simon focuses on sustainable architecture and is a certified passive house designer

Viktor Becker Viktor Becker Architect
073-74 60 596

Viktor Becker graduated with a masters degree in Urban Design from Aalborg University. During his studies Viktor Becker focused on storytelling and graphic design. He has worked as an intern at the architecture firm Tredje Natur in Copenhagen. At Utopia Viktor Becker is focusing on early design stages and concept development.

Caroline Mörnås Caroline Mörnås Konceptansvarig
073-777 09 11

Linda Bentefour Linda Bentefour Kontorsansvarig
072-376 14 47

Annika Lindfors Annika Lindfors Ekonomiansvarig
076-111 53 50

Melina Forsslund Melina Forsslund Ekonomiassistent
076-554 52 34

Carl Michael Augustsson Carl Michael Augustsson Utopia Projektutveckling
070-544 48 42


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