Close to nature in Nacka

Utopia Arkitekter have been selected for a parallel commission for Tobin Properties' next project in Tollare, Nacka. The project consists of four beautiful apartment buildings on a property with stunning views across the water. Over 90 apartments will range in sizes from small studios up to 4-bedrooms. Construction is underway.

Municipality Nacka
Location Tollare
Client Tobin Properties
Type Bostäder
Year 2016
The design and materials of the buildings make for an intriguing encounter between home and nature.

The facade will be of slate, a stone that gives a building life and warmth. A genuine material helps connect the buildings to nature. Slate is also a fairly affordable material, less expensive than render, for instance. Another advantage with slate is that it is an exposed facade material that ages beautifully. It also lays a good foundation for creating an original and appealing identity, as recent years have not seen the production of many stone buildings.

Situation plan

The project consists of four buildings of four to six storeys.

The proposal includes four buildings with varying sizes and placement. We have chosen to give all buildings a common character that ties them together and creates a clear identity for the area. It gives the sense of a unifying entity around the Trapp-parken park.

We see several advantages with developing unique characters for all four buildings in the area. Along with such features as balconies and bays, the choice of material gives the four buildings an architectural twist that sets a character on the area's profile and identity as a whole. This is a fundamental factor not only in the attractiveness of the individual homes, but also with regards to opportunities of successfully marketing and selling both the area and the apartments.


Our proposal includes generous units with flexible floor plans, good natural light and optimised views of the water. The large, furnishable balconies, bays and conservatories give an extra dimension to the habitat and an increased sense of proximity to the surrounding forests and the sea. All apartments, balconies and bays have aspects in at least three directions.

The floor plans are based on views and clearly defined rooms. Bays and conservatories increase the floor area and provide extra closeness to nature.